Nautela mill

Millstones have turned in the mills of Nautelankoski, or Kukkarkoski, for several centuries. There have been up to three water mills by the rapids at the same time. The one left is a mill of grey stones, built in 1806. It used to belong to the Nautela Manor. The mill was closed in the 1960's, but the stones revolved again in 1992, when the renovated mill was opened to public as part of the Nautelankoski Museum. Today the interior of the mill reflects the situation in the 1940's.

The newest additions in the operation of the mill are the water turbines installed in 1998 and 1999. One of them turns the grinding stones of the mill, and the other one produces electricity for the needs of the museum.

Many memories exist of the mill; some of them have also been recorded. The millstories can be read in finnish.

Kuvia Nautelan myllystä

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